Plan In Advance


Should you be hospitalized, the best thing for your pet(s) would be to be cared for by someone in your network. If this is not possible, at the time of illness you can apply yourself for emergency foster assistance or have someone apply on your behalf

Either way, while you’re healthy you should plan in advance:

  • Fill out our Advance Planning Form and keep a copy readily available. You can fill out our online form that will email your responses back to you, or print and fill in this pdfPlease note that we are receiving a copy of the online form, but we are not reviewing it. It is for your own personal planning purposes. 
  • Identify a family member or friend who can care for your pets if someone in the household becomes too ill to care for pets. Have a plan for them to collect your pets. If nobody can take your pets and you must apply for emergency foster, at least identify someone who can help the foster group access your pets and serve as a contact while you are ill.
  • Your pet should have a collar and ID tag with pet name, telephone number and any urgent medical needs. Be sure to also write your pet’s name, your name and contact information on your pet’s carrier.
  • Get your pet microchipped if they are not already.
  • Have crates, carriers, food and extra supplies on hand for movement and relocation of pets if necessary.
  • Keep all animal vaccines up to date and have copies of those records available for your pet’s temporary caregivers.
  • Ensure that all medications are documented with dosages and administering directions. It’s a good idea to include the prescription from your veterinarian with the medications.
  • Have a full copy of your pet’s most up to date medical records available for caretakers, especially if they have any prior conditions. Either print records out or email them to your emergency contacts.
  • Leave name and contact information of your pet’s veterinarian for caretakers.
  • Identify people who can take your pets permanently if your pets should outlive you, and provide clear written instructions of your plans with other records.

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