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Why should other organizations join the NYC COVID Pet Plan?

New York City has a population of over 8 million people and covers 302 square miles. One organization cannot provide for all the pet owners and areas needing help in this emergency. Therefore we are offering infrastructure and support that local organizations can use to address pet owner needs in their area. We can all work together to make sure that each pet owner has access to pet food; and to ensure that no animal is left behind, unable to receive care while their owner is hospitalized. Please email us to find out how we can support your rescue in diverting animals from going into shelters and ensuring that they are safely waiting for their owners’ healthy return from the hospital. 

What are we offering to participating organizations?

  • Coordination  of foster applications 
  • Coordination of applications for assistance
  • Promotion of foster project to volunteers, applicants and fosters. Partner rescue groups should also promote to their networks.
  • Practical guidelines for animal collection and return, foster management, and potential animal abandonment that partner groups can decide how to follow at their own discretion.
  • We will list all partners on the NYC COVID Pet Plan website.